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Welcome to The Dance House!

Come dance & tumble with us!

Merry Christmas ~ Happy Holidays

The Dance House will be closed
for the Holidays
Monday, Dec. 22nd - Saturday, January 3rd

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Company's calendar gift card fundraiser this month. Our company members appreciate your support! Congrats to ALL of the winners! 

Date Gift Card Winner Sold By
12/8/14 Target Erin Cory Carson Cory
12/8/14 Subway Andrea Stabosz Courtney Slabaugh
12/9/14 Old Navy Lynn Webb Riley Eckert
12/9/14 Regal Richard Arnold Addison Groetz
12/10/14 Holister Myra Williams Zoe Williams
12/10/14 Visa Anthony Niederriter Emily Koval
12/11/14 Justice Bernice Fretwell Riley Eckert
12/11/14 Target Jeanne Szarka Maddy Hostettler
12/12/14 Chipotle Debbie Birie Riley Eckert
12/12/14 Best Buy Allison Lemon Carson Cory
12/13/14 Panera Bonnie Hostettler Maddy Hostettler
12/13/14 Cinemark Beverly Samarin Emily Koval
12/14/14 Regal Kim Falanga Kara & Kaitlyn Dallas
12/14/14 Applebees Tom Groetz Addison Groetz
12/15/14 Amazon Kelly Bystricky Emily Wilmer
12/15/14 Coldstone Ella Raw Morgan Molnar
12/16/14 Kohls Anthony Nolan Emily Koval
12/16/14 Best Buy Mike Hostettler Maddy Hostettler
12/17/14 Target Dave Molnar Morgan Molnar
12/17/14 Barnes & Noble Mickey Casey Abby McMillan
12/18/14 Darden Restaruants Adele Webb Riley Eckert
12/18/14 AMC Troy Koval Emily Koval
12/19/14 Amazon Gerald Whitnable Isabelle Poling
12/19/14 The Limited Raul Hizow Emily Koval


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